Sound Gallery

The Comparisonics waveform display uses colors to convey the frequency content of audio data. The following are examples of uncolored and colored waveform displays. Notice how the coloring provides valuable information.

Conversation: woman speaking (lighter colors on left),
and then man speaking (darker colors on right)

Trumpet riff played twice; each note is visible

Drum track: bass drum (dark), snare drum (blue)

From Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man;
tympani in dark blue

Woman's scream


Discontinuity in background noise

Melody played by a music box

Jet airplane passing overhead

Woman singing a single note;
the alternating shades show the vibrato in her voice

Car screeching to a halt, followed by a collision
(point of impact in dark gray)

A cat (orange), a fly (lavender), and a rooster (red)
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