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CS_compare_signatures( ) determines the similarity of two audio clips from their signatures.

CS_Similarity_Score  CS_compare_signatures(
     const  CS_Signature  sig1,  /* signature array 1 */
     const  CS_Signature  sig2   /* signature array 2 */


sig1 Identifies an array containing the first signature.
sig2 Identifies an array containing the second signature.

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return value is a floating-point similarity score indicating the extent to which the two audio clips sound alike.  This score ranges from 0.0 (least similar) to 100.0 (most similar).

If the function fails, the return value is negative.  The function will fail if either signature is invalid.


Each parameter identifies an array containing a signature that was obtained through a call of CS_get_signature( ).

Reversing the order of the parameters does not change the similarity score.

The two audio clips need not have been recorded with the same resolution or sample rate and need not have the same duration.

Generally, a similarity score of 70 or more indicates a good match, that is, the clips sound substantially alike.  Comparing signatures derived from identical clips always yields a score of 100.0.

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