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CS_get_signature( ) is called to obtain the signature that characterizes an audio clip.

void  CS_get_signature(
     CS_Sample_Processor  sp,  /* pointer to an internal data structure */
     CS_Signature  sig  /* signature array */


sp Identifies the internal data structure used for indexing this clip.  This structure was created by a call of CS_create_sample_processor( ) and a pointer to this structure was passed along with each sample value in successive calls of CS_process_sample( ).
sig Identifies an array into which this function will place the signature.  The array must be large enough to receive the 16-byte signature.


A signature may be produced for an audio clip of any duration; however, for best results, the clip should be at least 0.05 seconds in duration.

The contents of a signature must not be altered by the application.  The meaning of the bytes in a signature is proprietary.

Signatures acquired using this function may be compared by calling CS_compare_signatures( ).  A color may be derived from a signature by calling CS_get_color( ).

This function has no effect if either the sp parameter or the sig parameter is NULL.

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